Mission Fleet is on the way!

At this time – Mission Fleet (both individually and organizationally) is ready to begin operations in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Caribbean Sea. Our people have committed to selling all non-essential personal property and material possessions to contribute to the mission...

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The Threefold Ministry of Mission Fleet:

Mission Fleet is a sea-based missionary organization composed of Disciple Makers who live aboard their sailboats. Mission Fleet is ready to offer broad-based naval solutions to churches and mission groups who share our goal of spreading the truth of Jesus Christ over the face of the earth. Our low-profile, seaborne approach allows for unique flexibility and versatility in missions. There are many kinds of operations and needs which our ministry can accommodate – especially in the persecuted church...

Bible Prophecy – a conversation summary

It's always nice to encounter level-headed students of prophecy that are willing to really look for the signs we are told to watch for. I am going through some of your materials and I am hoping to gain some insight from your work. I used to believe and affirm the consensus/ futurist/ dispensational view on the end times, but after pouring over the scriptures for several years, I have begun to question the popular teachers - especially on the timing of the rapture and the nature of Christ's return... "The strongest evidence for the pre-tribulation rapture of the church is in the letter to Philadelphia where those believers are told they will be kept from the hour of testing. All other "evidence" is by omission of certain words or inference from phrases like "not appointed for wrath" (I would point out that the Wrath of God is something we won't have to endure, but tribulation and persecution is guaranteed (though distinct from God's wrath)... The question comes down to this: which does the Bible say to prepare your flock for first: Rapture or Persecution?

Christ or Worldly-Moralism?

Christ or Worldly Moralism? The only way that we come to know Jesus as savior is by revelation. We don’t simply obtain a “head-knowledge” of the Gospel of the Kingdom and simply decide to become a Christian – God moves our hearts and imparts understanding to us pertaining to the things of God. This is... Continue Reading →

Discipleship on the High Seas

A Fleet of Disciple Makers Discipleship on the High Seas By Mission Fleet   Discipleship is among the top priorities and responsibilities that all Christians share – but especially those called to missions. We cannot overstate the value we place upon discipleship. Our Lord normally works through His people to disciple and shepherd His flock. Paul... Continue Reading →

About Us

What the Mission Fleet does:   Our mission is to take the Gospel by sea to unreached and under-served people groups. The Mission Fleet is uniquely equipped to serve and to go where others cannot, and to fill the unique ministry niche afforded to sailors on the high seas.   Supporting Missions · Helping to... Continue Reading →

Why a Sailboat?

Why a Sailboat and Seaborne Missions?   The Mission Fleet will provide unique spiritual and material support to church plants, existing missions, aid and relief efforts, and those fleeing persecution in other countries, especially in places where usual methods of travel are difficult due to government restrictions on movement. We can effortlessly reach places that... Continue Reading →

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